Baby Swimming

    Gentle sessions to have fun with your baby in the water, whilst building confidence and early swimming skills

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    Toddler Swimming

    Confidence building swimming sessions with your toddler from 1-4 years. Working towards independent swimming

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    Kids Swimming Lessons

    3 levels of childrens swimming lessons in small group lessons, Sheffield and Chesterfield areas.

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    Baby, Toddler & Children's Swimming Lessons

    in Sheffield & Chesterfield

    Swimming lessons in Sheffield

    Children's Swimming Lessons in Chesterfield & Sheffield

    Many babies and toddlers love the fun and freedom of swimming, and playing in warm water with you as support is a great bonding experience. Blue Water offers swimming lessons for babies and toddlers designed to be fun and rewarding in an enjoyable controlled environment. We also offer children's swimming lessons.

    We work in small groups, with maximum of 10 children per class. The babies and toddlers do not wear floatation aides (armbands or body floats), and therefore a parent or carer is in the pool with the child. The depth of the pool is suitable for the adult to stand comfortably whilst holding the child.

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    Swimming Lessons

    Chesterfield & Sheffield

    Baby Swimming

    Swimming for babies under one year old. The gentle structure of the lessons allow you and your baby to be happy and have fun in the water, whilst building confidence and enjoying the experience of early swimming both on the surface & underwater.

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    Toddler Swimming

    Our toddler swimming lessons are aimed at toddlers aged 1 year to 4 years. Toys and animal shaped floats are used to encourage movement in the water, build confidence and independent swimming. The lessons are based on you both having fun whilst learning.

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    Children's Lessons

    Our children’s swimming lessons are suitable for children from 4 years and over. We run 3 levels, working on water confidence and swim techniques as well as distance swimming with badges, life saving techniques, floats, treading water & having fun!

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    Contact us with any questions or get in touch to book your preferred session for your baby/toddler or childs swimming lessons.

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    Benefits of Swimming
    • Builds water confidence
    • Can help strengthen heart, lungs and respiratory system
    • Can help improve sleeping and eating patterns
    • Can enhance awareness
    About Blue Water
    • Small groups, with maximum of 10 children per class
    • Fully qualified baby and toddler swimming teachers
    • Warm water pools in the Sheffield and Chesterfield area
    • Underwater Photo Shoots throughout the year