Baby, toddler & children's swimming lessons

Baby swimming

The baby classes are designed for babies under one year old. The gentle structure of the lessons allow you and your baby to be happy and have fun in the water, whilst building confidence and enjoying the experience of early swimming both on the surface and underwater. Throughout the programme of 3 x 10 week terms, babies will advance to moving their legs and splashing their arms and will love chasing small toys - balls, fish around the pool or floating on animal shaped floats.

Following the baby classes is one final 10 week course, the pre-toddler class, progressing to using woggles and mats and preparing them for the more energetic toddler classes.

Toddler Swimming

The toddler classes are designed for toddlers up to 4 years of age. Toys such as balls, fish and egg flips are used to encourage movement in the water and animal shaped floats, floating mats and woggles are used to build confidence and independent swimming. The lessons are based on you both having fun whilst learning.

We also offer an advanced toddler class for little ones going it alone - suitable for confident toddlers who have completed our other courses or have similar experience (subject to assessment).

Children's Swimming Lessons

As well as baby and toddler lessons, we also run children’s swimming lessons.

The children’s lessons are suitable for children from 4 years and over. We run 3 levels Beginners, Intermediate and Improvers. In the beginners lessons we work on the backstroke technique and bring in breaststroke arms. The Intermediate lessons reinforce the backstroke and look to move the child onto full breaststroke technique. And finally in the Improvers lessons we work on front crawl whilst reinforcing the backstroke and breaststroke.

In all levels we work on the specific technique as well as distance swimming with badges to encourage your child to move forward. We promote water confidence in all our lessons – floats and glides, sculling, treading water, underwater skills and water safety, which helps to encourage the children whilst also having a bit of fun.

Once your child has mastered our 3 main levels we have a 4th level which looks at the basic butterfly stroke, tumble turns and personal life saving and water safety.

About Us

Blue Water Swimming provide Baby, Toddler & Children's Swimming Lessons in Sheffield & Chesterfield

Water is run by me, Alison Betts. I teach in the lessons and also have two other teachers, Wendy and Vicky. We are fully qualified qualified baby and toddler swimming teachers, with qualifications including Baby and pre-school swimming, and a member of the Swimming Teachers Association.

Alison Betts, Blue Water Swimming Sheffield

We are qualified lifesavers, having completed the Royal Life Saving Society's National Rescue Award for swimming teachers and coaches, including basic infant life support.

Read more about us, including a full list of qualifications obtained through the Swimming Teachers Association (STA), the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).

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Pool Hygiene

To maintain pool cleanliness and health & safety, if your child is still in nappies, then a double nappy system is appropriate - wearing a disposible swim nappy and a 'Splash About Happy Nappy'. The cost of the 'Splash About Happy Nappy', if purchased from Blue Water is £9.