Toddler Swimming - Course Dates

 Tuesday 4:30pm Advanced Toddler
 Friday12:20pmAdvanced Toddler
 Saturday12:10pmAdvanced Toddler
 Sunday9:10amAdvanced Toddler
 Sunday10:40amAdvanced Toddler
 Sunday11:10amYoung Toddler
 Sunday11:40amAdvanced Toddler

I do add extra toddler swimming classes according to demand - so if there is not currently a class on your preferred day, please contact us and we will let you know if one becomes available.

Swimming Lesson Costs

The cost of a 10 week course is £135. The terms costs are payable in advance.

A discount is available for a second child, if in the same lesson (one adult is required per child.)

The cost of the 'Splash About Happy Nappy', if purchased from Blue Water is £9.

Toddler Swimming

The toddler classes are designed for toddlers up to 4 years of age. Toys such as balls, fish and egg flips are used to encourage movement in the water and use of animal shaped floats, floating mats and woggles are used to build confidence and independent swimming. The lessons are based on you both having fun whilst learning.

This class is for little ones going it alone (subject to assessment).

To maintain pool cleanliness and health & safety, if your child is still in nappies, then a double nappy system is appropriate - wearing a disposible swim nappy and a 'Splash About Happy Nappy'. You can purchase a 'Splash About Happy Nappy' from Blue Water or direct from the Splash About website.


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